A Better Way To Remove Odors

If your home, office, or structure has sustained any type of water damage you will most likely have to deal with unwanted odors. Ranging from annoying to potentially dangerous, odors are a nuisance that should be removed as soon as they're detected. While traditional methods, such as increasing air flow or applying a chemical agent, can be effective in removing odors, Green Heat SD's thermal treatment for odors provides many additional benefits.

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Our Thermal Treatment For Odors Removes:
  • Pet Odors
  • Odors From Mold & Water Damage
  • Odors From Flood Damage
  • Odors From Sewage Backups

Provides A Deeper Clean

Our thermal treatment can remediate odors that are unreachable through conventional methods. Heat can penetrate deep into walls and other hard to reach areas to kill bacteria, insects, and other pathogens that create odors.

Kills The Odor's Source

Living organisms are often the cause of noxious and harmful odors - bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. Instead of masking or reducing the odors with chemicals, heat will kill these organisms, eliminating the odors at their source.

Reduce Health Risks

Odors need to be eliminated as soon as they can. Prolonged exposure to certain odors can trigger an array of health problems such as asthma, certain respiratory diseases, hypersensitivity, and stress-induced illnesses.