Utilize The Power Of Heat To Decontaminate

It is well known by the scientific community that heat kills. First used in milk and food preparation to kill bacteria, advances in technology have turned heat into a highly sought after method for decontaminating rooms and structures that have been polluted with bacteria, viruses, and other types of pathogens. Effective, eco-friendly, and providing many advantages over chemical methods, Green Heat SD's Thermal Treatments can be used to effectively pasteurize your home, office, or structure.

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No Chemicals

Bleach and other chemicals are often used to decontaminate a room or structure. These methods leave a chemical residue behind and can create a noxious odor. Our thermal treatments only use the cleansing power of heat.

Better Air Quality

Pasteurizing a room or structure with heat also improves its air quality by remediating mold and other air-borne irritants. Left alone, these irritants can cause a host of health conditions, such as asthma.

Eliminate Any Contaminant With Heat

The great thing about heat is that all living organisms will die once a certain temperature is reached. By heating your room or structure to sauna-like temperatures, mold, bacteria, viruses, insects, and any organic compounds will be killed.