A Water Damage Restoration Service For The 21st Century

Water damage is always a hassle. Moisture can penetrate deep into the walls, ceilings, and floors of a structure making it a nightmare to clean up. Traditionally, refrigerant and desiccant drying are the 2 most popular ways to dry out a structure. However, advances in technology have created a new and substantially more efficient way to dry areas damaged by water - convective heat. Green Heat SD specializes in using heat to quickly and effectively dry out structures whether they've been damaged by water, a flood, sewage, or any type of moisture.

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Our Thermal Treatment Is Effective Against:
  • Flooding
  • Sewage Backups
  • Leaking Pipes & Water Heaters
  • Any Type of Water Damage

Quick & Efficient

Drying a damaged structure with heat is substantially quicker than traditional methods. Most jobs are completed in under 48 hours. Large rooms with lots of air-space are also able to dry much quicker.


In addition to removing moisture, heat will also pasteurize, or decontaminate, a damaged structure. This is especially important if mold has had time to grow or the water contains harmful pathogens, such as sewage.

Reduces Property Damage

Many traditional drying methods will cause secondary structural damage such as warped walls, ceilings, and floors. Heat greatly reduces the chance of this damage occurring.

In Depth

A Simple Concept Overlooked

The process of drying with heat is not a new one. A simple household dryer combines heat with good airflow to quickly dry out clothes. However, without the technology that exists today, applying this same concept to structural drying was impossible. Today, that has all changed. Utilizing special heaters, powerful fans, and high-tech monitoring equipment, Green Heat SD can perform efficient and cost-effective drying without the consequences of traditional drying methods.

Best of all, heat is effective against any type of moisture. No matter what type of water damage your home, office, or structure has sustained, Green Heat SD's experienced technicians will be able to respond accordingly.

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Advantages of Thermal Treatments:
  • Kills insects and other pathogens that have appeared as a result of water damage.
  • No chemicals are used to decontaminate an area effected by water damage.
  • Sewer backup? Heat kills any bacteria left behind. No living thing can withstand heat for prolonged exposure!
  • Heat can penetrate deep into a structure's walls, ceiling, and crawl space to eliminate moisture air flow and chemicals alone can't reach.